The Summer Crown Tournament will decide the next heirs to the Kingdom. The kingship is determined by right of arms. Each fighter will compete for the right to represent the Kingdom. Following the tournament, the winner will be named the Heir to the Falcon Throne and will be addressed as His/Her/Their Royal Highness of Calontir. At the next Coronation, the Heir will ascend the Throne.

There will be fighting with Rattan as is our tradition in the Crown Tournament to determine who will become the Heir to the Kingdom. After court, we will host a Feast. And if you need a break from the crowds, the site’s Sanctuary will be available as a quiet space. The Church is dry but after the lists are fought and until Court, you can join Corbyn, our host, at his home on site to share libations.

**Late Middle Ages, as defined by TRM whim.


Arlington United Methodist Church

3770 McKelvey Rd, Bridgeton, MO 63044

Site Information

This is a dry, non-smoking site with a gym, fellowship hall, kitchen, sanctuary, and multiple breakout rooms located in Saint Louis County. Please respect our contract with our site and do not bring alcohol, wine, beer, etc. into the building. The site has two levels but is accessible with an elevator in addition to stairs.


From Eastbound or Westbound on I-70:

Take I-270 North:
Immediately Exit Hwy 180/St Charles Rock Rd
Right onto St Charles Rock Rd
**Proceed 0.6mi
Left on McKelvey Rd. Proceed 0.2mi
Site will be on the right

Coming Northbound on 1-270:

Exit onto Hwy 180/St Charles Rock Rd and continue as described above.

Coming Southbound on I-270

Exit on Hwy 180/St Charles Rock Rd
Turn Left onto St Charles Rock Rd, and then follow directions above from **


The exit for Hwy 180/St Charles Rock Rd starts before the merge onto North 270 is complete. STAY RIGHT on the ramp and watch for EXIT 20B. GPS invariably calls it 20C. Do not believe it.

The Church is on the apex of a hill. Gate and an unloading area will be located at the back of the building.


The Site has a fair amount of parking but if the event is heavily attended and parking reaches capacity, the nearest surface parking lot is the TARGET lot located at McKelvey Rd and St Charles Rock Road.

Please unload all passengers and equipment before parking off site. A van will be cruising from 9am to 11am to give drivers a ride back to site, and also after the close of evening court. The walk is not far but the hill is significant.

Carpooling also will demonstrate wisdom.

Unloading Areas

First enters the kitchen/merchant hall level directly, but it does so by way of a long sloping asphalt walkway, and is for use only by cooks. If the ramp is unusable due to weather or choice, you can use the other doors and then elevator or stairs.

Second is at the Gate. This level contains Gate, all Arts and Science classes, the merchant area and the Sanctuary.

Third opens into the Gymnasium. The Royal Privies are also on this level. This level is 3 stair steps higher than the kitchen/merchant level.

Smoking Area

The designated outdoor smoking area is a small permanent pavilion.


Feast will be served approximately one hour after the close of Court. Our Head Cook is Lady Isobol Cunningham, (MKA Stephanie Campbell). Contact by text preferred to 314-221-8522, and please identify yourself. FB messenger also used, under her non-SCA name.

In addition there are numerous eateries at all price points in the surrounding areas, as well as meeting most shopping needs that could arise for you urgently.

Crown Feast Menu

Course 1
Fresh Fruit
Brioche Bread
Cheese Wafers
Plain wafers
Sliced Cheeses
Honey Butter
Vegetarian Honey Butter

Course 2
Smoked and Braised Rib Tips in Pottage
Roasted cabbage quarters with vegan butter and seasonings
French Bread
Herbed Butter

Course 3
Chicken Fricassee served on top of losens in bechamel sauce
Fried Tofu Fricassee served on top of vegan losens in vegan bechamel sauce
Cannellini Beans with seared Kale and braised mushrooms

Course 4
Rolled Sweet Wafers filled with fresh blackberries and whipped cream
Vegetarian Fruitcake Cookies
Crepes w/fruit compote


The Sanctuary is available to be used as a quiet retreat by the populace. The balcony will be closed except during court. Children should be accompanied and quiet.

Crown Tourney

Marshal in Charge: Kingdom Marshal TBD

9:30am - Inspections

10:00am - 2:00pm - Crown Tourney

Armed men in ships having a battle.


List of entrants to be posted when available.

Arts & Sciences

A&S Steward:HL Shoshanah bas Nachman vun Magenza

Arts & Sciences classes

Room 158 - Reached through Room 157

1:00pm - Soap Making (Cai’reach Dama’n)
In-depth demonstration of how to make soap, hands-on.

2:00pm - Anglo-Saxon Alliterative Poetry Workshop (Shoshanah bas Nachman)
Short intro to A-S Alliterative tradition. Then we make some poetry together.

3:00pm - Confusticate and Bebauble: Cabochon Make-and-Take (Sil)
Send small JPEG or PNG images (ex: heraldry) to Sil (Laura Hewitt on Facebook) by Wednesday, May 31, or use materials in class.

Arts & Sciences Activities

A&S Crafters' Green Room (work on and display projects) - Room 157

Games (Philppe de Lyon) - All day until Court, Feast Hall on lowest level (with merchants)

Musicians' Room - All day until Court, Room 159 (reached from inside room 158, which is reached from inside room 157)

Small-Concert Feast Accompaniment: Feast Hall


After tournament starts - Open art & playtime for young kids and toddlers
Parents required to be in attendance for children 5 and under.

11:00 am - "Shield" Painting
All ages. Paper and foam decorative shields with washable paint.


Coordinator: Cara of Caer Rede

If you would like to be a vendor at Crown, please contact Cara of Caer Rede.

We have space for a limited number of merchants in the Entry Hall on the upper level. Merchants may set up Friday evening, or may enter at 8am on Saturday.


What are the COVID guidelines for this event?

Masks are not required but are encouraged. Immunization checks are not presently required. Please be aware that this policy may change just as COVID does.

Is there pre-registration?

The pre-registration system is not operational at this time. If it should become available in time we will announce this change. Cash and checks will be accepted at Gate.

Is pre-registration required?

No. Pre-Registration is not required. Cash and checks only will be accepted at Gate.

Will there be an inn or feast?

There will be a Feast following Court. Feast fee is $15 per person. Attendance limited to 50.

Is the site pet friendly?

Only registered service dogs, who must be kept on lead, and well behaved at all times.

Is this a wet site?

No. The church is completely dry. Please respect this restriction so we can be invited back.

Tentative Schedule

Please see individual activities for more detailed info.


Site opens for set-up

9:00 am

Gate opens

9:30 am


10:00 am

Tournament Begins - Listfield
Open art & playtime for young kids and toddlers - Rm 102
Sanctuary opens as Quiet Space.


"Shield" Painting (Youth) - Rm 102

1:00 pm

Soap Making - Rm 158

2:00 pm

Anglo-Saxon Alliterative Poetry - Rm 158

3:00 pm

Confusticate and Bebauble: Cabochon Make-and-Take - Rm 158


Merchants area closes

5:00 pm

Feast Begins - Feast Hall

Site closes following feast