Populace Meeting Announcements – 2/15/23

  • Yngvarr has stepped up as deputy seneschal.
  • The barony has purchased a new floor for fighting. We will be using it at Chieftains.
    • We are looking at options for disposal of the old floor, perhaps donating it to a shire or smaller group that could make use of it.
  • The Mason lodge has invited us to a corn beef and cabbage dinner on March 12. Flyers are available in the lobby.
  • Chieftains Announcements
    • Isabeau announced she is looking for additional feast stewards to serve.
    • Will need help with set-up and tear down.
    • Parking will be limited. Please carpool if possible.
    • Wayne will be driving a shuttle between site and overflow parking from 9-11am.
  • Populace Announcements
    • Rima noted that we are still in need of largesse to present to Their Majesties at Chieftains.
    • Jon announced his class this evening on the history of Ptolemy’s star catalog.
    • Melchor’s birthday is tomorrow and he is accepting challengers in exchange for cupcakes.
    • Sir Roger has found a linen supplier for $7-8 a yard in his home state of TX that he will be visiting shortly. If anyone wishes to go in on a bulk order please reach out to him.
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Next site dinner will be March 8. Theme is Jewish food.
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