Populace Meeting Announcements – 2/8/23

  • Kajsa reminded us that Chieftains is in two and a half weeks (Feb 25th).
    • Parking
      • Parking will be limited, so if you are able to carpool, please do so.
      • If the lot is full, there will be additional parking a block or so away, but there is a steep hill to get back to site.
      • A shuttle should be available.
    • We are still looking for some assistance with various portions of the event. Please talk to Kajsa to find out what needs to be done.
  • The Chronicler’s office is looking for a co-chronicler. The desired candidate will have experience with production (experience with digital layout software, graphic editing, etc….) but training will also be available. No deadline has been set for interviews.
  • Brynjolfr presented a gift to the Barony – A new bag, embroidered with the baronial device for the herald.
  • A guest from An Tir presented largesse to Their Excellencies.
  • March site dinner will be immediately following Chieftains. This month’s hosts will be Rivka, Annora, and Berakha and the theme will be Jewish food.
  • Tonight’s class is taught by Bero who will be discussing archery and arrows.
  • Next week’s class will be taught by Jon Chesey. It will be about Ptolemy’s star catalog, written in the 2nd century. However, in 1598, he was accused of stealing it. Hear about the 400+ year argument astronomers have been having over it.
  • Upcoming Events:
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