In Memoriam

Lord Sveinn Njallson

Sveinn became a member of the Society in 1979, before Calontir was a kingdom. Although not able to join the army at foreign wars as often as he would have liked, he was frequently seen on the field at practices within the barony. Sveinn also participated in mounted combat. He is remembered as a friend to all.

Baron Cormac O’Sullivan

Baron Cormac was the second baron of the Barony of Three Rivers, serving from 1990 to 1995. He is remembered fondly by many as their “first Baron”, and a great inspiration in their SCA experience.

He is also remembered for his exuberant performances of songs like “Haul Away Joe”, and his recitation of Shylock’s speech from the Merchant of Venice. He was always smiling, and his joy in life and the SCA was infectious, bringing everyone along with him for the ride.

~The Falcon Banner

Viscount Brummbar von Schwarzberg

Brummbar was a man of firsts: the first Champion of Calontir when it was recognized as a region. The first warlord upon becoming a principality. The first member of the Order of the Iren Hirth. Instrumental in helping Calontir to become its own kingdom, many of the traditions we have today are because of his influence.

Lord Cuilen Kirk of Moray

Cuillen joined the Society in the mid 1990’s and participated as a heavy fighter and archer. Friends remember him for his joy of battle – his smile upon returning from war always proportional to the number of bruises. Although Calontir suffers a disadvantage in combat archery, using tubes tipped with tennis balls as opposed to actual arrow shafts tipped with larger rubber heads, Cuillen was known for his unwillingness to let this deter him, providing much needed ranged offense for the Calon host.

Cuillen was also a brewer of great renown, providing mead and ale. Always careful to faithfully record his process to determine what worked best to ever improve his spirits and that of those around him.

Lord Cristoval Anguiano

Cristoval joined the Society in the mid 1980’s and was a member of the Bear’s Haven student group associated with Washington University. Christoval was active as an archer and served as archery champion and marshal.

Master Morgan the Tanner

Morgan joined the Barony of Three Rivers in the late 1980’s. He was known for his archery and leatherworking and received a laurel for the latter.

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