Populace Meetings

The barony of Three Rivers meets weekly for a populace meeting. These meetings typically include a short business meeting in which we remind everyone of upcoming events, make requests for assistance, or other items of interest to the populace. Our Arts & Sciences officer also tries to find someone to teach a short class each week. These meetings are also where we hold our practices for both armored and steel fighting.

If you are new to the barony, this is generally the best way to get started and meet everyone! These meetings are intended to be low key and many people simply come to hang out and chat. While some choose to wear garb, it is not required! Come as you are – We’re happy to have you.

We currently meet at Mason’s Lodge in Webster Groves on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. There is parking available to the west of the building with an entrance to the parking lot on Lockwood. This lot shares parking with the City Hall and Police Station. We will have combat outside so long as weather and sunlight permit. The SCA has use of the first floor gym, kitchen, and ladies lounge.

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