Birthday Bash: Baronial Court – 7/19/2023

  • Brynjolfr Inn Eyverski stepped down as Baronial herald. Melchor Eichmann was sworn in as the new Baronial herald.
  • Kajsa Nikulasdotter was added to the Order of the Hyppogryph for her Groaning Board at Chieftains.
  • Mjǫll Úlfarsdóttir informed the populace that she now has belt favors for those needing them on the Quest.
  • Amba Allrasystir and Rivka bat Zakarriyya where awarded Talons. Amba for her prowess at fighting, and Rivka for the same at archery.
  • Njall Thorsteinsson, Caoimhe of Three Rivers, and Brynjolfr Inn Eyverski awarded Garters for various service.
  • Rima al Wadi was added to the Order of Gallantry.
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