Populace Meeting Announcements – 6/5/2024

  • There is no populace meeting next week (June 12) due to Lilies.
  • Anzoy will be hosting a Lilies pity party at her house from 6-9pm instead. Contact her for details.
  • At Lilies
    • The water bearing coordinator for Lilies is asking for donations of pickles and oranges, or cash to purchase them.
    • Syl and Rhodrwyn
  • Bero is due to step down as Exchequer soon. Letters of intent to serve the office next will be due Friday, June 21. If you are interested, please send your letter to the current Exchequer, Seneschal, and Their Excellencies (all Emails can be found on the officers page).
  • The next officer’s meeting will be Sunday, June 23, 2024 (NOT the first Sunday of June). Letters of intent for Exchequer will be discussed at this meeting.
  • The June and July site dinner will be combined on June 26. Rivka is the host and the theme will be “pasta bar.”
  • A bid for Winter Court has been accepted from Alexander and Anzoy. Please contact them to volunteer.
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