Populace Meeting Announcements – 6/19/2024

  • Congratulations to all those who received awards at Lilies
  • Thanks to all those who helped manage the B3R party at Lilies
  • Our Barony is hosting Masters of the Duel on July 20. Volunteers are needed for all positions. Please speak to Her Excellency Nadya to volunteer.
  • This Friday is the deadline for letters of intent to serve as the next Exchequer.
  • Our next officer’s/business meeting will be this Sunday, the 23rd at 7:30pm via Zoom. A link will be posted in social media channels shortly before it starts. Business will include a post mortem of the B3R party at Lilies as well as the exchequer letters.
  • The next issue of the Barge is due in just under a month. If you would like to submit content, please Email it to the Chronicler.
  • Sancha is doing a demonstration comparing various types of gold ink tonight and next week.
  • Alcyonne has a large amount of ivory, white, or black fabric pieces available – approximately 20″ square. Free to anyone interested. Please speak to her to collect.
  • Next week is site dinner. The theme will be “Foods Agethon will eat” (i.e., a pasta bar).
  • There will be an Order of Three Rivers meeting next week at the populace meeting on Wednesday.
  • There will be no meeting on July 3.
  • Upcoming Events

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