Populace Meeting Announcements – 8/16/2023

  • Members of the Barony receiving awards at Pennsic:
    • Agathon: AoA Simple
    • Yseult de Michel: Calon Cross
    • Elizabeth Hathaway: Torse
  • The Baronial kitchen has found a new home. Many thanks to Sil for hosting.
  • Bids are needed for Winter Court and Chieftains.
  • Site dinner will be on September 6 and will be the Fighter’s BBQ. Please contact Amba to let her know what you’re bringing and reserve grill space.
  • Gryphon’s Fest
    • Crew chiefs have been found for set-up and tear down, but volunteers are still needed to assist.
    • Yngvarr will be running gate and needs volunteers as well.
  • Sancha is teaching a class on making modern paints look like medieval colors.
  • Upcoming Events:
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