Populace Meeting Announcements – 8/23/2023

  • A home for the Baronial kitchen has been found. Volunteers are needed to help relocate everything. This will be the morning of Saturday, August 26th. We will meet at Eilien’s house and move things to the new location at Syl’s house (addresses will be given to drivers).
  • Bids are needed ASAP for Winter court with bids due for Chieftains shortly thereafter.
  • Officers/Business meeting scheduled for Sunday 8/27 @ 7:00pm via Zoom. The link to join will be posted on the Facebook pages and Email list shortly before the meeting begins.
  • Bero has asked that archers going to King’s Company of Archers contact him or Dammo so they can be counted as part of the Barony’s team.
  • Site dinner will be on September 6 and will be the Fighter’s BBQ. Please contact Amba to let her know what you’re bringing and reserve grill space.
  • Gryphon’s Fest
    • Magda briefly outlined the preliminary plans for the fighting for the day.
    • Yngvarr asked for Gate volunteers.
    • Hirsch said he would need a few more marshals.
    • Gwynneth asked for interested individuals to help run the List table
  • Helenos announced his workshop after announcements on printing name/pronoun tags.
  • Upcoming Events:
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