Populace Meeting Announcements – 8/30/2023

  • Bids for Winter Court and Chieftains are due by September 30. This will be during Gryphon’s Fest and discussed at the following Officer’s Meeting.
  • Gryphon’s Fest
    • Currently looking for a marshal to run C&T
    • Merchants are welcome. You don’t need to be a huge merchant. Even if you just have a few things laying around your house you need to get rid of (that are SCA appropriate), feel free to bring them to sell
      • If you don’t want to sit around all day trying to sell your things, Jon Chesey will be running a consignment shop where you can drop things off
    • If you have shade flies, please bring them
    • Kajsa is in charge of the Vigil table. If you would like to assist, please contact her
    • Assistance is still needed at Gate
    • Heralds for tournaments are needed. Please contact Dawi to volunteer
  • Please remember to put in award recommendations (Kingdom and Local) so we can ensure everyone receives proper recognition for their talents and services.
  • Site dinner is next week. It is the fighter BBQ. If you are bringing something, please let Amba know.
  • Archery practices are will be continuing for another month on Thursday nights at Dammo’s house.
  • Upcoming Events
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