Populace Meeting Announcements – 1/3/2024

  • Winter Court is coming on Jan 13
    • For the auction, the silent auction will begin immediately as soon as an item is laid out with a bidding sheet. It will end at 3:00pm. Some items will then be selected from these to continue to the live auction which will happen during feast. For the remaining ones, a herald will announce those that have won an item. Individuals can then pay for their items then, or wait until after the live auction to pay for their items all together. Payment can be made by cash or check. No electronic payments.
    • Galen has graciously offered to pay the site fee for anyone who volunteers to help with the event. If you are a crew chief, please collect a list of those working under you who qualify and send a list (both modern and SCA name) to Galen by Wednesday.
    • For steel fighting, there will be a double round robin tournament. There will also be a heavy rapier tournament.
    • For rattan fighting, the tournament will be the standard multiple field bearpit with stations.
    • Following fighting, all fighters (both steel and rattan) can participate in the white elephant gift exchange. Priority in this will be dependent on the results of the tournament.
    • Mo is asking for help with scrolls and has preprints for the new Talons. If you do illumination, please see them. Extra appreciation to those that can finish them in time for Winter Court!
    • We currently have 6 servers for feast and 10 tables. As such, a few more bodies would be appreciated.
    • Gate will be closing at 3:00pm.
  • For officers, Quarterly reports will be due January 15.
  • The next edition of the Barge will be coming out shortly.
  • The Baronial A&S Championship will be held at Chieftains and will be a “river in any medium”.
  • Tonight’s site dinner was a ramen bar. It raised $367 for the barony.
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