Populace Meeting Announcements – 3/20/2024

  • Congratulations to all members of the Barony who received awards at Gulf Wars
    • Njall received his AoA
    • Agethon and Selene were made Iren Fyrd
    • Hirsch became a Stile Fyrd
    • Eowyth received a Swan
    • Adelaide received a somewhat belated Chalice
  • Her Majesty opened court to award Luna her Swan.
  • Yngvarr will become the new Seneschal for the barony when Gwynneth steps down
  • Our next business meeting will be Sunday, April 7, at 7:30pm via Zoom
  • We are still seeking bids for Gryphon’s Fest and Winter Court. Bids are due March 31.
  • Queen’s prize is coming up soon. Sumbmissions for entries are due March 26.
  • We will be hosting a Demo at Wildwood Middle School on April 12. Please contact Hirsch for further information.
  • Bella is coordinating B3R’s day to manage Gate at Lilies. It will be Monday, June 10. Volunteers are needed.
  • Lumiere will be hosting a Hunkerhousen tournament at Coronation.
  • Selene is coordinating water bearing for Lilies and seeks more volunteers.
  • Next month’s site dinner will be on April 3 and the theme is “Pies”. Speak to Brynjolfr to volunteer.
  • Upcoming Events:
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