Populace Meeting Announcements – 3/6/2024

  • Jon and Rochwen’s bid for Coronation in February 2025 has been accepted. More information will follow as that gets closer.
  • Bids are still needed for Gryphon’s Fest and Winter Court. These will be due March 31.
  • Gwynneth’s time as Seneschal is coming to an end and she is looking for a replacement. Letters of Intent are due by March 10. For more information on what a Seneschal does, please see this infographic. Interviews for the position will be done in person at the meeting on March 20
  • Selene asked for volunteers to help with water bearing and soup kitchen at Gulf. A schedule of events that need assistance at Gulf is posted on the 4th company Facebook page.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • March 9Spring RUSH (Emporia, KS)
    • March 9Gulf Wars (Lumberton, MS)
    • March 23Coronation (Independence, MO)
    • April 6Queen’s Prize (Carthage, MO)
      • Entries for submissions are now open and will close at 11pm on March 26.
        • To enter, you must not have a GoA in an art or science and will need someone that does have a GoA or peerage in an art or science as a sponsor. Many sponsors are available.
      • Volunteers for judges are needed. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form.
    • April 13Crown Tournament (Boone, IA)
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