Populace Meeting Announcements – 4/10/2024

  • The bid of Kirk and Rochwen was accepted for the B3R party at Lilies. Looking to cook food on site. Donations welcome. Also looking for someone to manage the non-alcoholic bar. Ravasz will be doing a performance by the B3R Players.
    • Jon is organizing alcohol for the party. If you would like to donate a brew or would like to learn how to brew so you can donate something, please contact him. Carboys and other supplies are available to those wanting to learn.
  • Bids are still needed for Gryphon’s Fest and Winter Court. Deadline will be April 28. Bids will need to include a site as we do not have one secured.
  • Jon and Rochwen have had their bid for Coronation in February of 2025 accepted by the Kingdom.
  • Officer reports are due this coming Monday, April 15.
  • Archery is resuming this week, starting Thursday at 6pm. Practice will be held at Dammo’s house. Please reach out to him or a baronial officer for the address.
  • Next week, Apple will be leading a class on head coverings. Anyone interested will be given B3R trim to decorate what they make. Donations of scraps large enough for making said head coverings are needed.
  • The next site dinner is May 1. The theme will be tacos. Please reach out to Apple to donate.
  • On May 15, Apple will be hosting a garb swap. If you have garb that no longer fits, bring it to give to someone who it does. Also, from then until Lilies, Apple will be bringing her sewing machine to assist those that need help repairing their garb.
  • Sancha is putting together an order from John Neal – a supplier of calligraphy and other arts supplies. There is an SCA discount and we can save on shipping by ordering together. Please contact her with your orders by end of meeting next week.
  • Alcyone is organizing Gwynneth’s elevation table at Lilies and is looking for assistance.
  • Alianor is organizing the Lilies Ball this year. It will be from 4pm-8pm on Thursday of Lilies. The first half will teach steps, followed by a break for dinner, and then resuming dancing but without further instruction. Please contact them with questions.
  • Upcoming Events:
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