Populace Meeting Announcements – 4/17/2024

  • The newest edition of the Barge is out.
  • The bid of Kirk and Rochwen was accepted for the B3R party at Lilies. Looking for people to assist in all areas.
    • Jon is organizing alcohol for the party. If you would like to donate a brew or would like to learn how to brew so you can donate something, please contact him. Carboys and other supplies are available to those wanting to learn.
  • Bids are still needed for Gryphon’s Fest and Winter Court. Deadline will be April 28. Bids will need to include a site as we do not have one secured.
  • Crown tournament was this past weekend. Our new heirs are Robert and Magge Magnus.
  • The heraldic Letters Of Acceptance and Returns (LOAR) was just published and several members of our Barony have had names and/or badges accepted
  • Congratulations to our officers for turning in all reports on time.
  • The next officer’s meeting will be April 5, at 7:30pm via Zoom.
  • An AoA that was read into Court during the reign of David and Rhianwen was delivered to Elizabeth Blackstone
  • Bella is organizing our Lilies gate shift on the Monday of Lilies. It will be from 8am-8pm. Volunteers are needed in 2 hr shifts.
    • She is also sanitation lead. If you camp near a porta-john and are willing to adopt it to check and make sure its lights are working and TP is stocked, please contact her.
  • Tonight, Rochwen is leading a class for Apple on headwear.
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