Populace Meeting Announcements – 4/24/2024

  • Bids are still needed for Gryphon’s Fest and Winter Court. Deadline will be April 28. Bids will need to include a site as we do not have one secured. If submitting a bid, please make sure to send it to Their Excellencies and the Seneschal (Email addresses can be found on the Officer’s page).
  • The next Business Meeting will be May 5 at 7:30pm via Zoom. A meeting invite will be posted shortly prior to the meeting on social media channels.
  • There will be a class taught at Puddleford on Saturday, May 11 on Period Cooking. The class fee will be $30 to cover materials. This is an all day class and camping overnight is welcome.
    • NOTE: This is not an officially sponsored SCA activity.
  • Archery practice is cancelled this week as Dammo is out of town and unable to host.
  • Jon Chesey is in charge of coordinating the bar for the B3R party at Lilies. If you are a brewer and have donations, please contact him. If you are not a brewer and would like to learn that you can donate, please contact him.
  • Amba is celebrating her 40th birthday and brings word of an equestrian activity this weekend at the residence of Sato. If interested, please contact a member of the Equestrian community who can provide directions.
    • NOTE: This is not an officially sponsored SCA activity.
  • Site dinner is next week. Theme is tacos. Apple is coordinating so please reach out to her with what you’re bringing to make sure we have a diversity of items and not a dozen people bringing sour cream.
    • There will be no site dinner in June due to the proximity to Lilies.
  • There will be no archery at Dammo’s on Thursday due to Dammo being out of town and unable to host.
  • Upcoming Events:
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