Populace Meeting Announcements – 5/15/2024

  • Congratulations to Apple, who had the boon begged for her Pelican at St George this weekend. Her elevation will be at the opening Court at Lilies.
  • Rivka and Jon placed a bid for Gryphon’s Fest at the last business meeting which has been accepted.
    • The theme will be the 1381 Peasant’s Revolt and they will be focusing on trying to make activities for everyone – not just fighters, archers, etc…. To that end, they request people volunteer to help run these activities. Additionally, a few crew chief positions are still available. Please speak to them to volunteer.
    • We will be using a new site this year: Peace Tree Farms
    • Due to the September kingdom calendar filling up, we will be hosting this event October 18-20.
  • Bella announced that we are still looking for one person to fill our Lilies gate day. There is one shift open from 4-6pm on Monday.
    • She is also the sanitation crew chief and is looking for people to volunteer to check the porta-johns near their campsite and make sure they are stocked.
  • Hirsch announced that there will be a demo for the Girl Scouts in September, the same weekend as King’s Companie of Archers (Saturday, Sept 15) and is looking for people to volunteer.
  • Kajsa reminded us that the June site dinner is cancelled due to the proximity to Lilies. There will be a site dinner the last week of June which Rivka will be in charge of. The theme will be a pasta bar.
  • Apple is hosting a garb swap/repair every week until Lilies.
  • Syl is overseeing the non-alcoholic bar at the B3R party at Lilies. They are looking for volunteers to help transport equipment as well as contributions of drinks.
  • Alianor is organizing the Lilies Ball this year. It will be from 4pm-8pm on Thursday of Lilies. The first half will teach steps, followed by a break for dinner, and then resuming dancing but without further instruction. Please contact them with questions.
  • Upcoming Events:
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