Populace Meeting Announcements – 5/22/2024

  • The next site dinner will be June 26. Rivka is the host and it will be a pasta bar.
  • Lilies is coming soon:
    • Bella is still looking to fill one spot for B3R’s gate shift on Monday from 6-8pm.
    • Bella is also the sanitation crew chief and is looking for people to volunteer to check the porta-johns near their campsite and make sure they are stocked.
  • Kirk and Rochwen are the hosts for the B3R party at Lilies. They are looking for people to help with set-up, on-site food prep, serving, and tear-down. Please contact them to volunteer.
  • Rivka and Jon are the event stewards for Gryphon’s Fest this year.
    • They will be focusing on trying to make activities for everyone – not just fighters, archers, etc…. To that end, they request people volunteer to help run these activities. They are also looking for a sanitation crew chief.
    • They are also looking to do a site tour for those that haven’t seen the new site (Peace Tree Farms) on Sunday, June 2. Time TBD.
  • Upcoming Events:
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