Palio di Siena 2023
Equestrian Activities

Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge: Mistress Eowyth þa Siðend

General Information

  • Camping will be along the tree line. See photos and more specifics on the “Site and Activity Maps” page. There is limited highline appropriate trees available (if you want to/prefer to highline, let me know sooner than later via the “Equestrian Registration” form), but most equines will need to be in portable pens.
  • Water spigots are available along the road. The site owners have graciously offered to help haul water from the spigots to the water areas using their gator and buckets. Feel free to bring larger buckets for water to limit the need to refill (based on what works best for your equine).
  • There will be a manure spreader for manure collection located close to the equestrian camping. The site owners have graciously offered to empty at least once a day (will empty more often depending on how many equines show up to the event).
  • Equestrians should register here for ease of check-in at the event.

Equine Health Requirements

The Missouri State Board of Animal Health requires all equines being transported into Missouri to have a Coggins dated within 12 months of the event and a traveling health certificate dated within 30 days of the event.

NOTE: The venue has requested us to check these documents, so the EqMiC WILL be asking you to show these before you can unload your equines. You can e-mail them to Eowyth by clicking the “Contact EqMiC” link above prior to the event for a quicker check-in process.

Horse Etiquette

Warning: Under Missouri law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.
Minors need direct supervision around the horses, please do not allow them to wander in the barns or horse areas without you or another parent/guardian.

Horses are “Fight or Flight” prey animals. If it scares them, they will run. Consider your actions with this in mind.

Whenever possible, please WALK in view of the horses and not directly in front or behind them. Sudden movements or flapping objects can look very scary to horses.

Always ask the owner if you may approach or touch a horse.

If the horses ears are:
Forward = That means they are happy or sometimes it can mean they are scared
Ears pinned back = That means they are angry
Ears twitching = That means they are listening

Never feed a horse without permission; your fingers look like tasty carrots. Also they may be on a special diet and anything else might be harmful

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