Populace Meeting Announcements – 6/7/2023

  • There will be no meeting next week (6/14) during Lilies!
  • Members of our populace received awards at Crown Tournament this past weekend:
    • Amba received a King’s Favor
    • Rivka and Hirsch received Leather Mallets
    • Conna received a Boga Fyrd
  • Gwyneth has accepted the position of kingdom list minister (beginning after training)
  • For anyone that incurred expenses for Crown or Lilies and needs reimbursement, please make sure to get Bero your receipts.
  • Donations of food are still needed for the B3R Friday night party at Lilies. Foods should be temperature stable as we will be unable to keep foods warm or cold.
  • The newest edition of the Barge has been released.
  • Tonight is the follow-up from the mead making classes taught by Jon. Participants are invited to share a bottle of their finished product to share with the populace and receive feedback.
  • Brynjolfr gave a thanks to those that assisted with Crown.
  • Upcoming Events:
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